Ukuqonda amashadi ekhandlela amakhanda - Ekhandlela amashadi

Kh, pronounced like the Scotch ch in loch. Publication of festival information does not imply endorsement by or affiliation with Everfest.
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Dh, pronounced like the English th in that. The process is done to reduce side effects, toxicity and after effects of pure sulphur in the human body.

D, similar to the English th in this. Farhat Hashmi By Taimiyyah Zubair.

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Shuddha Gandhak is processed purified Sulphur as per Ayurvedic Ras Shastra principles. Iplani yesifundo isixhosa ( ulwimi lwenkobe) umongo: umbongo ibanga lesixhenxe.
Ukuqonda amashadi ekhandlela amakhanda. H, a guttural aspirate, stronger than h.

Shuddha Gandhak means it is detoxified to remove toxicity, make it consumable for human beings, and remove impurities in the eatable sulphur.